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The story of creating legends begins years back. A fine day when our honourable Director, Mr Saurabh Jain's elder daughter asked him a question from her science book, and he could not answer the question. In the night, when he was thinking about the incident. He asked himself, why could he not answer the question? He realized after graduation that he never came across what he had read at the time of graduation. In the same way, he realized throughout his academics that whatever he learned, hardly 1% of it, comes into practical usage. That is the case with everyone. Hardly 1% of our classroom studies are implementable in real life, e.g., Maths - Sin, Cos, and Tan. History - in which year etc., we spent almost 25 years and millions or crores of rupees learning this. Still, the result is a big question mark. That's why Mr Jain has initiated Bharat's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute, named "The Pragya Institute of Personality Development." Also known as "Kingdom of Wisdom" and Excellence की पाठशाला" Our motto - We do not produce freshers; we produce professionals—a step towards creating legends. Pragya Institute is a pioneer in the field of comprehensive personality development; hence Pragya. Institute of Personality Development initiated A to Z of personality development. Where we cover almost 200+ major and 250+ minor topics. At the same time, Our Director, Mr Saurabh Jain - World Record Holder for the longest non- stop speech on personality development; he has redefined personality development. Personality development is not just about English Speaking; it is much beyond. That is why he has initiated A to Z of personality development and life skill management institute. जिसको बेस्ट बनना है वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है - "We provide world's best personality development curriculum, the world's best training methodology, world's best trainer and world's best training environment." We will not take years, lacks and crores of rupees. Our course starts from one month to one year, and the fee is just a few thousand rupees-less than a branded school.

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